BJD Virtual Issue: Malignant Melanoma


A new era in holistic care: bridging the gap between dermatologists and oncologists for the treatment of malignant melanoma

How breakthroughs in translational research have impacted treatment strategies for melanoma

Advances in the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions

Progress in the diagnosis and therapy of melanoma

Sunscreen and melanoma prevention: evidence and expectations

Systematic reviews

Clinical practice guidelines for identification, screening and follow-up of individuals at high risk of primary cutaneous melanoma: a systematic review
C.G. Watts, et al.

Socioeconomic and lifestyle factors and melanoma: a systematic review
A.J. Jiang, et al.

Review Articles

Smartphone applications for melanoma detection by community, patient and generalist clinician users: a review
A.P. Kassianos, et al.

Vitamin D, vitamin A, the primary melanoma transcriptome and survival
S.J. O’Shea, et al.

Clinical and Laboratory Investigations

CD271 is expressed in melanomas with more aggressive behaviour, with correlation of characteristic morphology byin vivo reflectance confocal microscopy
F. Beretti, et al.

Morphological features of naevoid melanoma: results of a multicentre study of the International Dermoscopy Society
C. Longo, et al.

Dermoscopy structures as predictors of sentinel lymphnode positivity in cutaneous melanoma
T. González-Álvarez, et al.

Mutational status of naevus-associated melanomas
D. Shitara, et al.

Pigmented nodular melanoma: the predictive value of dermoscopic features using multivariate analysis
M.A. Pizzichetta

The role of BRAF mutations in primary melanoma growth rate and survival
V.J. Mar, et al.

Epidemiology & Health Services Research

Clinical and histological features of head and neck melanoma: a population-based study in France
F. Dabouz, et al.

Trends in cutaneous malignant melanoma in Sweden 1997–2011: thinner tumours and improved survival among men
J. Lyth, et al.

Prediction of high naevus count in a healthy U.K. population to estimate melanoma risk
S. Ribero, et al.

Effects of the German skin cancer screening programme on melanoma incidence and indicators of disease severity
F. Trautmann, et al.

Identifying people at higher risk of melanoma across the U.K.: a primary-care-based electronic survey
J.A. Usher-Smith, et al.

General Dermatolgy

The BRAAFF checklist: a new dermoscopic algorithm for diagnosing acral melanoma
A. Lallas, et al.

Invasive melanoma in vivo can be distinguished from basal cell carcinoma, benign naevi and healthy skin by canine olfaction: a proof-of-principle study of differential volatile organic compound emission
C.M. Willis, et al.

Melanoma and naevi with a globular pattern: confocal microscopy as an aid for diagnostic differentiation
E. Benati, et al.

Spitz naevi and melanomas with similar dermoscopic patterns: can confocal microscopy differentiate?
S. Guida, et al.

Dermoscopy, a useful tool for general practitioners in melanoma screening: a nationwide survey
P. Chappuis, et al.

Genetic susceptibility to cutaneous melanoma in southern Switzerland: role of CDKN2A, MC1R and MITF
C. Mangas, et al.

End-of-life care for hospitalized patients with metastatic melanoma in France: a nationwide, register-based study
I. Gallais Sérézal, et al.

Consumer acceptance of patient-performed mobile teledermoscopy for the early detection of melanoma
C. Horsham, et al.

Medical Dermatology

Cutaneous toxicities associated with vemurafenib therapy in 107 patients with BRAF V600E mutation-positive metastatic melanoma, including recognition and management of rare presentations
R. Sinha, et al.

A cost-effectiveness analysis of trametinib plus dabrafenib as first-line therapy for metastatic BRAF V600-mutated melanoma in the Swiss setting
K. Matter-Walstra, et al.

Translational Research

High neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio measured before starting ipilimumab treatment is associated with reduced overall survival in patients with melanoma
J. Zaragoza, et al.

Impact of oncogenic BRAF mutations and p16 expression on the growth rate of early melanomas and naevi in vivo
P. Tschandl, et al.

Prognostic relevance of lactate dehydrogenase and serum S100 levels in stage IV melanoma with known BRAF mutation status
A.L. Frauchiger, et al.

Characterization of patients at high risk of melanoma in Austria
C. Müller, et al.

Differences in telomere length between sporadic and familial cutaneous melanoma
C. Menin, et al.

Dual c-Jun N-terminal kinase–cyclin D1 and extracellular signal-related kinase–c-Jun disjunction in human melanoma
G. Pathria, et al.

The prognostic significance and impact of the CXCR4–CXCR7–CXCL12 axis in primary cutaneous melanoma
A.T. McConnell, et al.

An exploratory study investigating the metabolic activity and local cytokine profile in patients with melanoma treated with pazopanib and paclitaxel
S. Thurneysen, et al.

Putting Papers into Practice

No survival benefit for patients with melanoma undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy: critical appraisal of the Multicenter Selective Lymphadenectomy Trial-I final report
M. Sladden, et al.