Bio: Shehnaz Ahmed

I have been working for over 15 years in academic publishing both in India and the UK having accidentally fallen into it at a book fair! Although I have a Maths degree and a masters in computers, I have mainly worked in medicine in editorial roles including at the Royal College of Surgeons, Lancet, British Society for Rheumatology and Microbiology Society (maternity cover). It has been fascinating to be involved in publishing and watch it really evolve from desktop publishing to present day. I have signed off camera-ready proofs in colour at one time. My favourite project has been with the WHO (India) and Government of India on the Revised National Tuberculosis status report, especially challenging when you have power cuts just before your major deadline. The future of publishing is about to get a whole lot of more interesting and exciting with Plan S, transformative deals, Open Science and incorporating AI into our workflows, although the fundamentals will not. While I am not working, I have a long suffering husband and two children who haven’t quite worked out whether they are more British or more Indian – the debate rages on.