Bio: Gudula Kirtschig

I am a Consultant Dermatologist based in Germany and Switzerland. I studied medicine at Ulm University & Muenster University in Germany and have previously practiced dermatology in academic centres in Oxford, UK and Amsterdam, NL. I have special interest in vulval skin disease, pregnancy associated skin disease and blistering skin conditions. I have a strong research interest and my work has contributed towards the production of more than 80 peer reviewed scientific articles, national/international clinical guidelines, and patients’ information leaflets. Together with more than 20 co-authors I have edited a prize-winning book on vulval diseases. I work with the Cochrane skin group to deliver systematic reviews and sit on the oversight committees of clinical trials. I am committed to excellence in clinical dermatology. I am a member of the Lichen Sclerosus PSP and hope to increase awareness of the project through my international links.